The second day of our TALKs section,  delved deeper into our main festival theme, Sustainable Future, benefiting from the presence of several keynote speakers. For this evening, the welcoming speeches were held by the two rectors present in the hall of the National Theater:  Associate Profesor Florin Dragan Rector of the host University- UPT, and Professor Marian Moiceanu Rector of the, Architecture and Urban Planning University in Bucharest.

After a brief introduction and laudatio from FAU Dean Serban Tiganas the first keynote speech by Professor Natalie Mossin, Head of the Institute at the Royal Danish Academy and the President of Congress for the UIA World Congress of Architects, 2023, “Sustainable Futures – Leave no one Behind”, introduced the sensible ways through which architects can tend to the main Sustainable Development Goals.  This introductory lecture was followed by a conversation between Madame Mossin and Deans por vice-deans representing from all the architecture school in Romania. This panel  focused the debate of the evening towards on the intersection between the sustainability goals set by UIA and the pedagogical methodologies needed in countering the speculative growth patterns visible in our part of Europe.

After a mid-break, and a laudatio by ROA president Ștefan Bâlici, Mass Design Group’s  Senior Principal Christian Benimana presented several of his projects in Rwanda, but not only, highlighting building practices and design thinking that is tailored along the core philosophy of the SDG’s. This lecture was followed by the captivating and mercurial Lyndon Nery, of Nery and Hu, introduced on stage by FAU Dean Cristian Blidariu. Mr. Neri’s  presentation of his office latest projects and their narative and conceptual framing  sparked an imense interest among fellow architects and students.