Nadine Dajanović

@ Base Habitat

Nadine Dajanović is a draughtswoman and architect working and living in Switzerland. She is studying for her master’s at Studio BASEhabitat at the University of Arts Linz. Previously, she has studied architecture in Slovenia, Estonia, and Switzerland. Besides, she has worked in various architectural offices and at a day-care centre for children to gain different perspectives on architecture and society. 

Nadine strives to maintain a resource-conserving approach to the environment in all areas of her life. She focuses on transforming existing structures and local natural building materials. In addition to planning, she is involved practically in various workshops, building sites, and exhibitions and sees this as beneficial to her architectural work and research. Nadine is applying this approach to her master’s thesis, the conversion of a listed building from 1743, with the involvement of many volunteers. She believes that deceleration of planning and building processes provides valuable insights to people outside the building industry, thus promoting a general awareness of alternative building methods.